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Volunteer Bolivia's Language School offers a variety of study options in all levels, from beginner to advanced, and all forms from private tutoring  to  group lessons. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. 

Intensive Program | 10 lessons per week | 4 weeks

Want to travel without hauling out your Little Phrase Book every time you order lunch? This team-taught introductory class is perfect for the student who wants to remember their high school Spanish or the volunteer needing to jump-start their time in the country.

This intensive language course covers the basics of grammar and conversation. This course covers all verb tenses and basic grammatical constructions.


PRICE: $750 / 4 weeks

Weekly Classes  | 10 lessons per week | # weeks varies

Tired of saying “Yo no entiendo”? This weekly class is for travelers, short-term guests to Bolivia, seniors and those who want a refresher course. Twenty hours of vocabulary and grammar offered weekly, or for as long as you desire.

For travelers, long-termers, or our volunteers who want to keep studying Spanish after they finish the immersion course, we offer the option of studying by the week. These sessions can be arranged according to your schedule and needs.


PRICE: $210 / weekly
Individualized Study Program | # Lessons per week varies
Do you already speak Spanish but want to get to the next level of expertise? These courses are customized to match your needs and abilities. The focus is on tricky linguistic structures such as the Subjunctive, Preterit, Imperfect and Direct/Indirect objects. We also offer tutorials focused on addressing special needs related to translations, academic research or presentations.


PRICE: $20 per class
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