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Bolivia is a unique and diverse multi-ethnic society, with the largest percentage of indigenous people in Latin America. Our 12 -night program explores Bolivia’s varied and beautiful landscapes, with a special focus on the ancient civilizations. From the Amazonian tribes to highland Incan and Tiwanakan cultures, we will explore their history and continued impact on modern Bolivia. We will travel across Bolivia’s three main geographies: lowland amazon forest, temperate valley and finally the skyscraping mountain heights of the Altiplano and La Paz regions.


ON a walking tour of National Park Amboro one of the most botanically rich national parks in the world home to over 150 species of mammals, including the jaguars.

Our travels start in the fast-growing Amazonian city of Santa Cruz. Widespread deforestation in the Bolivian Amazon is revealing the remnants of complex civilizations and undermining the common nomadic perception of Amazonian tribes. Recent Archaeological research is revolutionizing how we think about the history of the Amazon, including recent theories that humans played a substantial role in the creation and management of the forests.

 Our next stop is the valley town of Cochabamba, known as the “City of Eternal Spring.” There we will visit local communities and learn about the rise of the Incan empire in one of its important breadbaskets.

Finally, we complete our trip on the shores of Lake Titicaca exploring not only the rich history of the Incan empire, but also the less known, yet much longer lived Tiwanakan civilization, which produced some of the most spectacular architectural, agricultural and societal achievements in the Andean region.


LAKE TITICACA the highest of the world's large lakes is thought to be three million years old. In Andean cosmovision it is believed to be birthplace of Inti, the Incan god of the sun.


THE LARGEST market in South America with an experienced local guide, who will help you take in all the colorful sights.


CAPTIVATING views from La Paz’s renowned elevated cable cars (aerial tramways). La Paz is the highest capital city in the world (11,942 ft) and surround by majestic snowcapped mountains.

Dates: August 10 to 21, 2019

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