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Our classrooms are  located in a historic colonial building in the centre of Cochabamba, Bolivia  where the most exciting cultural/night/café life thrives.


Join us to learn Spanish, the fourth most spoken language in the world.


The student’s language level is determined in an informal interview with a member of the teaching staff.


Additionally, to complement your language study, we periodically offer talks and cultural exchanges as well as trips to historical and cultural sites in and around Cochabamba. Home stays and other housing arrangements are available.


Teach students to speak and

understand Spanish within a social

and cultural context. Broaden the student’s understanding of the complex social and political situation in Bolivia. Immerse students in Bolivian culture.


We offer one-on-one and group

classes to complement your

language study. Our classes combine grammar instruction with

with  talks and cultural exchanges.

We also get out of the classroom

at least once a week for trips to

historical and cultural sites in

and around Cochabamba.


The center’s teachers are smart, caring, creative and certified in Spanish as a Second Language. 

They work as a team, using materials that we have developed. They will

help you deepen your ability

to speak, read and comprehend via

classroom teaching, conversations, readings, field trips and immersion in Bolivian culture.

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